New custom fields proposal

Daniel Berlin dberlin at
Thu Apr 10 03:46:36 UTC 2003

>> <feedback>
>> I'd like to see two levels of scoping global and by product for custom
>> fields.  Anything else is gravy.
>> </feedback>
> Is it normal that a Bugzilla installation will want to define some 
> common
> information that applies to *every* product?

Just to chime in, if/when binutils and gdb move from GNATS to bugzilla 
(they are waiting for us to see how it goes), they'll need to use the 3 
custom fields i added (host, target, build).
>> Consistency - It would be nice to have a uniform approach to field
>> definitions (security, validation, and presentation) for both stock 
>> and
>> custom fields alike.
>> </feedback>
> I agree that it would be nice--very nice, even--but I'd prefer to keep
> custom fields orthogonal and avoid modifying Bugzilla's core.  We'll 
> get
> done much faster that way.  A stock/custom unification could be a 
> separate
> phase.

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