Sybase help ? (or MSSQL help)

David Miller justdave at
Tue Apr 8 17:37:55 UTC 2003

On 4/8/03 5:17 PM +1000, Arthur Barrett wrote:

> I noticed some limited references to using Sybase with Bugzilla.
> Can someone please point me at the patches or whatever I need to try this ?

There's nothing posted yet.  I'll try really hard to get something up in
the next few weeks.  We have it mostly working now, I just haven't had time
to pull all of our local customizations out of it so I can post it.

> I am specifically interested to know if DBI-MySQL is still needed as a Perl
> package, or if it needs to be modified in some way, or if each call from
> Bugzilla to the DBI package needs to be massaged ?

You won't need DBD::mysql.  Replace it with DBD::Sybase. :)  And yes, many
calls had to be "massaged" :)  It wasn't anywhere near as bad as you'd
think though.

> Also are there table creation scripts for Sybase ?

That'd be part of the above-mentioned patch when it becomes available.  We
have them, but they also create a bunch of tables that aren't part of the
standard Bugzilla. :)

> I actaully am trying to get Bugzilla working with Win2K and MSSQL2K - has
> anyone else attempted this?

Not that I know of.  Sybase and MSSQL are similar enough that it might work
with the Sybase patches.  On the other hand, they diverged several versions
back, and the newer each version is, the less chance it'll still work,
since they seem to be going in different directions.
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