Legal Keywords in 2.17.3

Myk Melez myk at
Thu Apr 3 01:00:01 UTC 2003

Jon Wilmoth wrote:

>This is what we use here.  I can definitely see how they could be the
>"bane of users' existence".  However we have a pretty small list ~8 (6
>are shown at a time) and it seems to work pretty well.  Users here
>weren't putting in keywords because they either didn't know what to put
>in (yes...even though the describekeywords gives them the list of
If you are comfortable with your users having JavaScript capabilities, I 
think the solution proposed in bug 80169 is a pretty good one.  It 
provides two drop-down menus next to the keywords field, one for adding 
keywords and one for removing them.  Keywords get added to/removed from 
the field as the user selects them from the lists.

This aids discoverability, since users can look at the lists to see what 
they can add, while improving usability, since users can select an item 
from a list to add it instead of having to type it into a text field 
filled with other keywords and can remove keywords using the same kind 
of mechanism they used to add them.

>I'm not sure the keywords list would ever be very large since they have
>to apply to all products.
Yeah, that needs to be fixed, and there's even a bug on it, although it 
hasn't gotten any traction for a while.


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