Online Help

Gervase Markham gerv at
Mon Sep 30 20:35:53 UTC 2002

There's a patch for context-sensitive help over in (needs review, if 
anyone thinks it's worth having) , but this message is more about things 
like the Bug Writing Guidelines.

I produced a patch to make these a page.cgi page (so they got a header, 
footer etc.) but matty made the point that this stuff should perhaps be 
in our end-user documentation, which is currently Section 3 of the 
Bugzilla Guide.

So we need to have a discussion about our strategy. There seem to be a 
couple of routes for page-based help:

- page.cgi-based pages.
   Pros: Bugzilla look and feel
   Cons: possible duplication of material with that in the Guide

- link directly to pages in the Guide
   Pros: One source for Bugzilla usage information
   Cons: Possible that manual and online help require different styles
         Harder to translate



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