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David Miller justdave at
Sat Sep 28 04:14:09 UTC 2002

On 9/27/02 10:16 PM -0600, Christopher A. Aillon wrote:

> Ok so let me clarify.  justdave's intent (AIUI) was to store this in the
> database after submitting with a form.  My intent is that we should not store
> this stuff in the db.  Just rely on the client to do it.  Write JS that
> the times by the offset if necessary.  I travel in between timezones and want
> this to just work without me fiddling around in preferences.  I don't
>want to be
> in NY and see the time in CA.

Ah, yeah, but then it always depends on the user having Javascript
anyway...  not to mention we wind up having to find creative ways to name
and display the time elements so the Javascript can alter them.  (Can you
access the .text property of a <span>?)
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