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David Miller justdave at
Sat Sep 28 03:12:39 UTC 2002

On 9/27/02 9:54 AM -0700, Myk Melez wrote:

> Product and User Views
> Different products may have different bug tracking needs, especially
> when they are being worked on by separate teams, so it should be
> possible to customize the "enter bug" and "show bug" UIs (showing/hiding
> various fields) based on the product to which a bug belongs.  Different
> types of users (development, QA, project management, etc.) also have
> very different needs and interests, so it should be possible to
> customize the UIs for each of these groups.

This should be not-too-incredibly-difficult with the existing template
system.  Just put conditional blocks in the template based on which product
is being accessed.  On the other hand, that could get busy fast.

> Sybase Support
> Bugzilla should support Sybase.  Zippy has already done most of the work
> for this, although maybe in a hacky fashion.  We should have a clear
> idea about how customers should add multi-database support so people
> don't waste their time and ours doing it the wrong way.

We've learned a lot from the Postgres experience, which is going to be
landing soon I'm told. :-)  Don't know how different that is to Sybase
though...  I've dealt enough with Oracle now I could probably pull off
making it work with Oracle again.  Multiple database support would be a
good thing.

> Third Level of Categorization (sub-component)
> It would be useful to have a third level of categorization in addition
> to product and component.

I'd go for the infinite levels myself (or at least multiple), where
everything except the top-level "product" has a parent component.

> Pull-down Menu of Assignees
> It should be possible to select assignees from a list instead of having
> to type in their full email addresses.

There's a few ways of doing this...  if you have lots of people, one of the
Javascript pickers might be good to have.  I've actually been playing
around a bit with the picker concept for a different project at work, and
if you clean it up a bit, it's not as bad as it sounds :)

> Time Zone-sensitive Date/Time Display
> Dates and times should be displayed in the user's time zone, not the
> server's time zone.

If they have Javascript active, we can know their timezone the first time
they submit a form (i.e. at create-account).  If they don't, we assume the
timezone of the local server, until the user changes their preferences to
say otherwise.

> System Configuration Fields
> There should be fields in Bugzilla for more specifically identifying
> reporters' system configurations (CPU, memory, etc.).

This could in theory be done with custom fields.  Although that's a generic
enough thing that would be generally useful in a lot of places, so they
probably should be dedicated fields with a preference whether to use them
or not.
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