Groups system has landed

Joel Peshkin bugreport at
Sun Sep 22 17:43:30 UTC 2002


      The major change to the group system (bugs 157756 and 68022) has 
landed in the CVS HEAD (a.k.a 2.17).  This is the most dramatic schema 
change that Bugzilla has seen since I have been involved and the same is 
probably true for most of you.  Even though this has been carefully 
reviewed and has been tested, I cannot stress enough the importance of 
confirming that you have a working capability to restore your database 
to the pre-update state before you update.

     There is one known regression at this time, bug 170195, but it only 
effects highlighting of buglists.

     For those of you who have good test capabilities, please beat this 
up and CC me on any new bugs that result from it.  I will aggressively 
jump on any regressions.

    Thanks to all the reviewers and testers who stayed on the case on 
this one.


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