Admin interface - browser requirement

Gervase Markham gerv at
Sat Sep 21 12:50:23 UTC 2002

It's long been Bugzilla's policy to support as many browsers as possible 
on the standard user interface - down to, and including, Lynx. (Not sure 
how well we work on Netscape 3, though.) We also never require JavaScript.

However, do we need to be as accommodating for the admin pages? For 
example, sortkeys. The best UI for setting these would be a multi-select 
list of items with buttons which triggered JavaScript to move items up 
and down, and then create a form submission which reflected the new 
order. But such JS and DOM could really only be made to work (without a 
lot of headaches) in modern browsers (IE 5.5+, Mozilla/Netscape6+, 
perhaps Konqueror.)

Is it reasonable to trade off, on the admin interface _only_, the 
ability to support lots of old browsers against the ability to have a 
more usable UI?


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