Remove "review" keyword from the follwoing list of bugs?

Joel Peshkin bugreport at
Mon Sep 16 15:46:46 UTC 2002


    Going through the items with "review" keywords, the following should 
either have review yanked or be killed altogether...
Please scream if you object to yanking the "review" keywords from the 
following list and changing the status on the ones marked "CLOSE" to 

    Also, 2 appear to have completed review and are just awaiting checkin.

-Joel -- last patch has 
needs-work -- looks handy and 
some work done, but nothing apparrently ready to review -- documentation 
maintainence - anything to review here? -- old attachments not 
done as diff -- nothing to reivew here? -- bitrotted & at 
last word, Jouni suggested this move to contrib -- nothing to review here? -- seems to be abandoned -- seems to be abandoned -- nothing to review 
-- last seen at needs-work and author not available -- patch is submitted 
for comment only, nothing to review? -- last patch has 
need-work, nothing to review? -- last comment is 
"bad idea" from bbaetz (Aug 1) and no response from author --> nothing 
to review?  (Incidentally, I concurr with the "bad idea" comment) CLOSE -- last patch has 
needs-work in Feb 02. Nothing to review? -- last patch has 
needs-work. Nothing to review ? -- nothing current 
awaiting review -- last patch has 
needs-work. Nothing to review?  (2 years stale) CLOSE last patch has 
needs-work. Nothing to review? -- timeless or myk --> 
ball in your court? looks ready for checkin -- reviews were done 
in june, needs to be merged into HEAD before it rots

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