Configurable Access On Value Transitions?

Gervase Markham gerv at
Sat Sep 14 06:35:11 UTC 2002

> Like I said, you only need to sacrifice performance if it's actually
> used.  Long term, we could do something like bug #

Number...? :-)

>>if ($field eq "foo" &&
>>     $from = "somevalue" &&
>>     $to = "someothervalue" &&
>>     !UserInGroup("somegroup")
>>   reject = 1;
> It is _way_ too much to ask administrators to become Perl hackers in
> order to satisfy such a major, needed feature as per-field access
> policies.  For per-transition policies, maybe it isn't.

You keep saying it's needed - who's asking for it?

 From the comments I've seen in the newsgroups, most sites have a policy 
which is very simple - just a bit different from the default. For 
example: "unless you are logged in, you can't add a comment", or "you 
need to be in the QA group to change the severity". Such things can be 
managed as I outline.

I really think that this is the 90% solution.


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