2.18 Goals

MattyT matty at chariot.net.au
Sat Sep 14 03:38:29 UTC 2002

On Sat, 2002-09-14 at 12:22, Bradley Baetz wrote:

> Only if they're actually renamed... You may was well say that renaming 
> products breaks query urls. Whilst true, I don't think its relevent.

Right, but with charting, it's a *MAJOR* issue if you lose data.  With
stored queries, you can fix your URLs.

> We could alllow both (and woudl have to, for back compatability)

It's possible, but I strongly question the notion that query URLs are an
appropriate way to store stuff.  I think much more appropriate is a
field ID/ID table.  Is there a way of having referential constraints to
different tables from the one field (ID), depending on the values of
other fields (field ID)?
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