Bradley Baetz bbaetz at
Sat Sep 14 00:15:21 UTC 2002

On Fri, 13 Sep 2002, Myk Melez wrote:

> MattyT wrote:
> >What "recent regressions"?
> >
> The ones that went into 2.16 (primarily templatization).  b.m.o is 
> noticably slower now than it was, even after we fixed the egregrious 
> problems post-upgrade.  This slowness has a significant (if difficult to 
> measure) impact on developer efficiency.

Note that this is simple because loading hte Template module takes time
(see my figures from last week-ish). mod_perl will give this all back to
us, and more.

The modulisation will in gneeral make things faster, by removing layers of 
indirection (eg DBI). In most cases, though, its just going to end up 
doing the same work somewhere else.


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