2.18 Goals

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Fri Sep 13 18:02:16 UTC 2002

>>Rewrite of graphing so that you can graph anything (but not
>>retrospectively).  This also involves moving the graphing parameters and
>>results into the database.
> Why not retrospectivly? We have a patch for collectstats + regeneration 
> sitting in bugzilla...

Which I reviewed and everyone else has ignored :-) Although now we are 
on single-reviews, I could check it in - but I have no idea of its 
status. MattyT's point is perhaps a valid one - we've had corruption 
bugs in that table. But then, maybe people only care to within a few 
bugs what the values are.

> Why can't custres be checked in before this? The other way arround would 
> proably be painful, but getting the current charting to work with custres 
> would just involve some resolution_id_to_name calls somewhere

The resolution names are hard-coded into the datafile. :-(


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