2.18 Goals

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Fri Sep 13 14:57:26 UTC 2002

My views:

> Administration Rewrite (Administration Templatisation + Taint)

Admin T+T: Hard 2.18, Admin Rewrite: Soft 2.18

> Back End Separation

Hard 2.22 :-)

> Bugmail Rewrite
 > The mooted rewrite of processmail to include some nice new features such
 > as bulk change single notifications, and to be more sane.

I don't see people screaming for this. 2.20.

> Configurable Access Policies

2.20. Again, I haven't seen demand.

> Customised Email Reports
> Pfft, nothing has been done on customising whinemail to be more useful.

Because it's a silly feature that no-one uses :-) A proper reporting 
system will mean we can ditch whinemail, because anyone who wants it can 
write a cron job on top of the reporting system's CSV output.

> Customised Fields
> This one has been delayed for a while and really needs to be picked up
> and shepherded by a core developer.

True. I'm hesitant to make it hard 2.18 until someone sticks their hand up.

> Customised Graphs
> Rewrite of graphing so that you can graph anything (but not
> retrospectively).  This also involves moving the graphing parameters and
> results into the database.

Hard 2.18. It's the next big thing after customised reports.

> Customised Reports

Hard 2.18.

> Customised Resolutions
> ----------------------
 > Customised Statuses
 > -------------------

These has been going for ages; but is there demand for them? Seems to me 
we've had more requests for custom fields.

> Email Interface Integration
> Project to bring the email interface out of contrib and into mainline. 

This needs to be done by someone who actually uses it - and none of the 
core team's installations do, I don't think.

> Group System Rewrite

Hard 2.18, assuming we can make it pass review and it doesn't regress 
performance. Otherwise, we may have to rethink.

> Localisation & Internationalisation

Hard 2.18.

> Mail Templatisation

Hard 2.18.

> Mail Transport Rewrite
Hard 2.18. Every second query in the newsgroups is about getting mail to 
work. We need an admin interface which is as simple as "type your SMTP 
server name into this box".

> mod_perl Support


> New Install System

Very soft 2.18. I haven't seen too many people have problem with this.

> Postgres Support


> Product Group Rewrite

Soft 2.18.

> Shadow Database Rewrite

Hard 2.18, if it's a performance win.

> String Key Removal

Soft 2.18. Things work OK as they are.

> System Role Rewrite

Very soft 2.18.

> Watching Rewrite


Documentation of the hacks to work around this lack would help.


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