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J. Paul Reed preed at sigkill.com
Tue Sep 3 12:47:44 UTC 2002

On Tue, 3 Sep 2002, Aaron Ludlow wrote:

> Hope this works, newbie here:-).  Quick question, if I am an owner of a
> database, and I set myself up as the owner of one of the components, when
> I enter a bug I do not receive the email, even if I Cc myself on it.  It
> says email sent to no one, excluding then my email.

This is an attempt to reduce the amount of mail you get.

If you make a change on the bug, the thinking is you don't need to be
notified that you made the change; you know you made the change because...
you made the change. ;-)

So, the logged-in user making any changes or adding comments will never get
email; only other people on the Cc-list, the reporter, and the owner
(assuming their personal account settings don't preclude mail being sent to
them, which is another reason mail could be sent to "no one.")

Incidentally, this type of question should probably go to the newsgroup.

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