where to put CSS and JS files

Myk Melez myk at mozilla.org
Wed Oct 30 01:06:23 UTC 2002

timeless wrote:

> Christopher Aillon wrote:
>> Bugzilla versions may support VBScript, for example, and they may 
>> support XSLT.   _Existing_ installs may wish to customize their 
>> install using VBScripts if they are a MS shop wanting to re-use some 
>> already existing vbs code for whatever reason, or if they are using 
>> xml templates and wish to style their pages with XSLT.  So I think a 
>> better choice would be scripts/js/ and style/css/
> i wouldn't name a directory js or css
> scripts/ containing js+vbs+pls wouldn't hurt anyone. similarly a 
> styles/ containing css+xslt+xslfo wouldn't hurt anyone. 

I'm not a fan of preparing for possibilities that aren't even on the 
horizon (like your examples), but our other option was "style" and 
"logic" (more consistent than "scripts", and even more generic).  Any 
problems with those names?

> are there localization concerns? do the files relate to templates? are 
> they truly global? 

no, no, and yes


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