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Fri Oct 25 22:37:06 UTC 2002


The cvszilla code uses "Bug: 34567" or "bug: 34567"

How does your proposed code differ from the cvszilla code 

I tried out cvszilla and it worked pretty well, but it imposed a 
"transaction" model on the process that we didn't want to use.  But the 
underlying code for linking cvs log checking into bugzilla seems to be 
the core of what you're trying to implement.  Maybe its a good starting 


Christian Reis wrote:
> I forgot; The bug I am working with is
> The second issue is: how do we allow specifying the bug # in the CVS
> checkin comment? Timeless has suggested the formats
> "bug 23222" "bug #2323" "bug# 33432"
> I have seen
> "b=23232" and "b#=23232" on Mozilla bonsai. Anybody have any other
> formats they think are likely? Should we support b=*?
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