process_bug.cgi as backend and dontchange

Gervase Markham gerv at
Fri Oct 25 20:46:05 UTC 2002

Christian Reis wrote:

> So, I'm hacking away at this CVS->Bugzilla client.
> Context: it's a *pure* HTTP client - all it does is connect to
> process_bug.cgi, and send in a well-formed form that updates a single
> bug. If I want to add a comment to many bugs, I'll do multiple HTTP
> requests, no problem.
> Problem: there is no way to specify dontchange if you are changing a
> single bug. What I want is to add a single comment - and process_bug
> wants *all* the fields defined. dontchange would be a nice way to work
> around that, except for the fact that the tests in process_bug only look
> at dontchange if it's a multiple bug change.

Fine. Fake one that happens to only change one bug :-) Define the bug_id 
according to the multi-change method, and for everything else say 

and they all won't change as long as the strings match :-)

This way, you can also define multiple bug numbers and update multiple 
bugs at once with your comment, without needing more than one HTTP 
request. Save bandwidth :-)


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