Comments for CVS -> Bugzilla Gateway part 2

Joel Peshkin bugreport at
Fri Oct 25 15:17:52 UTC 2002

Christian Reis wrote:

>The second issue is: how do we allow specifying the bug # in the CVS
>checkin comment? Timeless has suggested the formats
>"bug 23222" "bug #2323" "bug# 33432"
>I have seen
>"b=23232" and "b#=23232" on Mozilla bonsai. Anybody have any other
>formats they think are likely? Should we support b=*?
We currently require every commit to have
LOG: 23232
MERGE: anything
or else the commit is rejected.

This information should not be in a comment.  It should be in another 
table and provided to show_bug in a manner similar to the attachment 
list.  This allows queries like....  "show all bugs touching myfunctions.c"

It also facilitates dumping a list of bugs between CVS tag 
BUGZILLA_2_17_1 and BUGZILLA_2_18


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