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J. Paul Reed preed at
Fri Oct 25 09:00:43 UTC 2002


So, justdave recently asked me what rock I've been under, and the answer
is: it's called fall quarter of your senior year in college.

But, Bugzilla develpment stops for no one, as it should be.

There are two huge email notification bugs that lots of people would like
to see fixed... and I mean lots:

* the general "Make BZ not rely on sendmail anymore, and not suck"/84876
 (God bless that bug) bug

* the "Processmail as a package"/124174 bug

I have a limited time schedule, but if I can get quick
feedback/testing/reviews on patches over the period of, say, a weekend, I
can get these bugs checked in.

Optimally, I'd like this code to be (generally) reviewed by justdave, joel,
bbaetz, gerv, and myk.

So: is any weekend better than any other weekend, and will you all be
around in the next few weekends (this upcoming weekend, as in tomorrow,
I might have some time available to push one of these to checkin).

Thoughts on my plan?




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