Japanese and Chinese characters in same DB

HORIUCHI Takahiko horiuchi at pb.jp.nec.com
Fri Oct 25 08:47:53 UTC 2002

> >So, I want ask you bugzilla experts. Is it dangerous to mix
> >different encodings in same MySQL database, or will it work
> >fine in some degree?
> >
> There's some evidence that it works and some issues with Bugzilla that 
> may need to be resolved for it to work better (in particular bug 
> 126266).  One suggestion I have heard is that if you are starting with a 
> new Bugzilla installation and are willing to enter everything in Unicode 
> you can set the default charset for all Bugzilla pages accordingly and 
> not have any problems at all.

Myk, we followed your suggestion. We specified encoding as
"charset=UTF-8", and add one routine to transform raw UTF-8
subject to MIME encoded subject. It works very fine. Next
week, we'll clear MySQL DB. Thanks.

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