upgrading b.m.o; developer's release

Myk Melez myk at mozilla.org
Thu Oct 24 21:45:35 UTC 2002

I'd like to upgrade b.m.o with the Bugzilla tip in a couple of weeks 
(ideally Friday, November 8, 6:00pm PDT).  Also, it's been a few months 
since the 2.16 release, about time for us to do a developer's release. 
 It would be nice if we could line these up.

How about generating a short list of things we want in for the 
developer's release and then freezing the trunk to all except those 
fixes for about a week before the upgrade (i.e. by Friday, November 1)? 
 Ideally we'd have everything in before that date so we have a week to 
test the trunk before it goes into production on b.m.o.

Also ideally we'd release the developer's release a few days before 
b.m.o upgrades so other installations have a chance to shake out some of 
the regressions first.

So the two questions are:

1. Does this sound like a good plan?

2. What should be on the short list?  I'd like:

my request tracker regressions and minor enhancements
bbaetz's replication work
gerv's performance improvements
not_erik's user wildcard patch

(Yes, I know a lot of these depend on my testing, review, and coding; 
I've been busy on another project with a deadline of this week, but now 
that the other project is over I have time again and am back on the ball.)


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