Christian Reis kiko at
Thu Oct 24 13:16:46 UTC 2002

On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 04:27:27PM +0930, MattyT wrote:
> What I think needs to be done, is to have ALL enhancements thoroughly
> summarised and the summary posted to this list.  If we do this, people
> can easily see the issues, without irrelevant issues complicating the
> main issues.  If no replies come in, that can be taken as implicit
> approval, and people won't be able to complain they weren't informed.

That's certainly a good idea. I'd suggest us using the following
rule-of-thumb: if the UI is going to be visibly changed (beyond typos,
cosmetic fixes and LABEL additions), or if a major policy is to be set
in code, it should be at least announced here.

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