Bugzilla as CMF product?

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Wed Oct 23 17:30:45 UTC 2002

 > Considering that, last I recall, Mozilla.org was planned to move to a

> Zope/CMF-based infrastructure at some point in the future

If this ever happens, it'll be a long way off. It foundered on 
objections among staff, and the people working on it haven't come back 
with another proposal. I'm not really involved any more.

> out of the loop so long), has anybody considered creating a Zope port of
> Bugzilla?  

Why would you want to do that? A lot of work for not much gain, as I see it.

> see what I can crank out.  The idea of an integrated workflow management
> tool, and a bug-tracking system that respects that workflow and
> inherited user rights with a database-agnostic back-end, is very
> appealing...

If you want to share user rights, use LDAP.
Why do you need a database-agnostic back end? Just use the right tool 
for the job - in Bugzilla's case, MySQL.
If your workflow is so complex that there needs to be automatic syncing 
between Zope and Bugzilla (rather than manually updating each with 
changes), then consider simplifying your workflow :-)


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