Bugzilla as CMF product?

Luis Villa louie at ximian.com
Wed Oct 23 04:17:05 UTC 2002

FWIW, the zope installation we had at www.gnome.org was a huge problem,
constantly going nuts, swamping CPU, memory, and/or the DB. We finally
just nuked it. That may have been more of a flaw of the app running on
zope than the platform itself, though.

On Wed, 2002-10-23 at 00:16, Matthew P. Barnson wrote:
> I've been playing the Zope Content Management Framework world for the
> last couple of weeks, building a documentation database and integrated
> paperless workflow stuff for my company.  Unfortunately, the "Collector"
> product for CMF, as it stands for bug-tracking, is kind of a running
> joke.
> Considering that, last I recall, Mozilla.org was planned to move to a
> Zope/CMF-based infrastructure at some point in the future
> (documentation, web site, etc., plans could have changed since I've been
> out of the loop so long), has anybody considered creating a Zope port of
> Bugzilla?  Zope can run Perl and Python code natively as products,
> though they need to be "Zopeified" to work right.  If I get no response,
> I'll simply assume nobody has done work in that area before, and I'll
> see what I can crank out.  The idea of an integrated workflow management
> tool, and a bug-tracking system that respects that workflow and
> inherited user rights with a database-agnostic back-end, is very
> appealing...
> --Matt Barnson
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