enter_bug page

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Tue Oct 22 06:40:34 UTC 2002

Myk Melez wrote:

> I think Gerv and you are both partially right on this issue, but this
> doesn't really satisfy either of your requirements.  Advanced users want
> more options on the page, but that doesn't mean all options will make
> them more productive.
> I'd like to see the Bugzilla Helper take over the low end and a smarter
> form (with the most frequently requested fields) deal with the rest.
> This could include removing (or automatically setting) fields from the
> current form that aren't frequently used.

IMO, the Bugzilla Helper is unsuitable for anything other than a 
technology demo, because it is intentionally very Mozilla specific. I 
wouldn't want to change that, because one of the advantages of checking 
it in is that we can maintain the Mozilla version in Bugzilla CVS.

"Low-end" doesn't mean clueless end-users, it means people who hold the 
"bug entry is a starting point" view I outlined earlier in the thread.


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