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Tue Oct 22 02:05:12 UTC 2002

On 10/21/02 6:13 PM -0700, Myk Melez wrote:

> Bugzilla's feature set grows primarily through the needs of its
> installations, and there's already been at least one demonstrated need
> for component-level specificity, not to mention lots of examples where
> even product-level specificity is not needed or is of such low priority
> that no one does it despite us all having talked about it for years.
> We might (and do, I think, through discussions and the "make everything
> product-specific" bug 106592) promulgate this approach as a general
> principle, but we shouldn't block our developers and installations from
> deviating from it when necessary and useful.

There was a bug somewhere (I forget the number) about merging products and
components and making components have children.  Everything would be at the
component level (because that's all there is) but children would inherit,
unless the child overrides it.  This would let you set it at whatever
granularity you wanted. :)
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