Japanese and Chinese characters in same DB

HORIUCHI Takahiko horiuchi at pb.jp.nec.com
Fri Oct 18 04:49:10 UTC 2002

> > So, I want ask you bugzilla experts. Is it dangerous to mix
> > different encodings in same MySQL database, or will it work
> > fine in some degree?
> It's all just 1s and 0s. It should work fine. You have responsibility 
> for sending the data correctly labelled to the browser :-)

I'm happy to hear that.

> The Japanese localised version is, as far as I know, a few versions 
> behind and doesn't support useful new stuff like templates.

Yes. Latest version is v2.12, maybe.

> > I know this is not a question for developers. Sorry...
> Indeed. Please ask such questions in the newsgroup: 
> netscape.public.mozilla.webtools .

I see. Next time, I'll go the newsgroup. Thank you.

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