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David Miller justdave at syndicomm.com
Thu Oct 17 13:40:56 UTC 2002

On 10/17/02 2:25 PM +0100, Gervase Markham wrote:

> We should be aiming to have the most-used features accessible
> easily, and lesser-used features can require more clicks.

Which is exactly the reason I completely disagree with Gerv, both for
attachments and dependencies, because those are both VERY frequently used.
I get at least new bug notification every two or three days where someone
files a bug and immediately attaches a patch to it.  That's two bugmails
when I could have just gotten one.  We frequently have a need for metabugs
(though it's probably overused, it's a fact of life) and dependencies on
the enter_bug page makes that a lot easier, too.

> This bug could be fixed for installations that want it, when process_bug
> and post_bug are combined, using a simple HTML link, without any
> additional code. I don't think that it should ever be fixed in core
> Bugzilla, and certainly doesn't justify the 112373 patch.
>> I'd like to keep the 112373 patch in, so that 141175 can be patched.  I
> I'd like to back 112373 out, and mark 141175 as WONTFIX :-)

I want 112373 to stay in.  Although I do think it would have better waited
until process/post got combined.

141175 is a dupe of 81642.  81642 now has a corporate sponsor so it'll
happen sooner than we think.
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