Japanese and Chinese characters in same DB

HORIUCHI Takahiko horiuchi at pb.jp.nec.com
Thu Oct 17 12:55:05 UTC 2002

I'm using bugzilla in a proprietary development between China
and Japan. I intend to use Japanese characters and Chinese
characters in their own encodings, respectively.

After brief test, it seems to work fine, except some rare cases
(these rare cases aren't important for us).

The situation is
 - We won't mix different encodings in a bug at the same time.
 - Summary character encoding will be Japanese or English.
 - We use double byte characters only in the comments field.
 - We don't mind character corruption (garbage) in mail subject.

So, I want ask you bugzilla experts. Is it dangerous to mix
different encodings in same MySQL database, or will it work
fine in some degree?

We can bear some difficulties at web browser presentation.
We will be happy only if we don't lost valuable bug data.

There's a Japanese localized version of bugzilla. But I want
to use English version if there's not so serious problems.
Because for Chinese member, it's easy to understand English
than Japanese. 

I know this is not a question for developers. Sorry...

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