l10n + custom fields

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Thu Oct 17 06:35:36 UTC 2002

Bradley Baetz wrote:

> On Wed, 16 Oct 2002, David Miller wrote:
> >The human-reable portion of FieldDefs should go away in favor of a 
> template.
> >Adding custom fields is not something someone's going to be doing every
> >day.  Asking someone to edit a template to compensate shouldn't be out of
> >the question.  If the template mapping doesn't provide an English (or
> >whatever language) name for a field, we use the computer-readable 
> name for
> >it from fielddefs until they put it in the template.


> What about stuff like product/component descriptions? Or keyword/flag
> descriptions? Then again, for an installation which only supports one
> language (whatever that language may be), they can just write the
> description in that language. That may be the best solutionm.

The only other option I can see here is to get them to use some sort of 
"encoding" in the edit box, which we then find and extract, e.g.:

lang_en="A product for Foos"lang_fr="Un produit pour les Foos"

etc. But that's a fairly nasty hack. Of all the l10n problems we have, 
this one's pretty minor. The major remaining issue is mail 
templatisation, which is waiting for JP to actually finish the patch in 
84876 before anything else can be done.


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