os metadata / getting rid of enums

Joel Peshkin bugreport at peshkin.net
Wed Dec 18 22:42:11 UTC 2002

Jonathan Schatz wrote:

> I've
>realized that this would be easier for me if the OS field was broken out
>of its' current enum container and into its' own table. In that table
>i'd have boolean columns (ie, is_linux, is_windows, etc). this brings up
>2 questions:
>2) Would others have use for generic OS searching as described above?
>We've currently got a rather unusual setup in that we use 2 OS fields
>for bugs. If others would find this useful, I'd write the code against
>HEAD and patch it to work with our setup; if not, I'd go ahead and write
>it for our own use.
I think that having a way of doing this for Both OS and Hardware would 
be very useful.  A bug logged against a product running on the Pentium3 
may effect all the versions on x86-class machines or be very specific to 
the P3.  I certainly have analogous issues.  I would vote for doing this 
for Both OS and Hardware.

(The real one)

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