New features to submit: Pager Notification, Response Template,

Gervase Markham gerv at
Wed Dec 11 23:48:42 UTC 2002

Ludovic Dubost wrote:
> We have made some significant feature additions and I would like to know 
> from you which one I should submit first to the bugzilla community (I 
> know I have to do this using

Thank you very much for the offers :-)

> - Notify Rules System
> What will happen is that whenever a bug is updated that is assigned to 
> you and that is a P1 priority the email will be sent out.

How is this implemented? The obvious implementation surely has 
performance prolems...

> - Template Response System

I'm not convinced of the general utility of this one...

> - MS Project Integration and Gantt Chart Generation
> We have created an export and import feature for MS Project as well as a 
> Gantt Chart generation module for project trees.
>  - MS Project Export
> What this module allows to do is take a project tree (dependency tree) 
> and export it in CSV.

In the new world, this would be another template for showdependencytree.cgi.

>  - MS Project Import
> The MS Project Export allows to import a full MSProject plan into 
> bugzilla, including workload and dates (provided that you have the right 
> custom fields setup)

I have a feeling that, because it requires some of your custom fields, 
that this would be a bit specialist.

>  - Gantt Chart generation
> Using the Tracking Bug custom field and the time tracking custom fields 
> (that could be adapted to use the new timetracking fields), I've used 
> DBD::Chart and Date::Manip to create almost the exact same dependency 
> chart as MS Project.

These look very cool; in our world, they'd probably be based on the 
timetracking fields and a dependency tree.

> To build this feature DBD::Chart's gantt module has been significantly 
> enhanced (it didn't allow to show different colors for the tracking bugs 
> and it was not possible the order the bugs the way I decided).

Have you sent these changes to the maintainer of that module?

Again, thanks for letting us know about these :-)


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