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David Miller justdave at
Wed Dec 11 13:45:01 UTC 2002

On 12/12/02 12:37 AM +1100, Bradley Baetz wrote:

> No, thats backwards :) I agre that changing the schema is a Big Deal
> (which is part of the reason I don' think that this is a good idea), but
> that doesn't imply that adding a new field should be a Big Deal - that
> argument would have you using a cmdline process even if we go with my
> linked tables scheme.

OK, so we fork off a background process, trap the signals so Apache can't
kill it, close STDIN, STDOUT, and STDERR so Apache will disconnect from the
browser, and put a meta refresh in the page that reloads another page every
10 seconds that tracks the progress of the first process.  It'd require
some careful checking to make sure that process was the only one that could
be tracked that way to avoid security issues though.
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