Case in-sensitive email addresses

timeless timeless at
Fri Dec 6 19:54:49 UTC 2002

Dave Lawrence wrote:
> We have had some complaints about the way Bugzilla handles login_names
> in the database through channel partners as well as bug reports.
> Currently it seems that bugzilla accepts Dkl at Redhat.Com and
> dkl at as 2 separate accounts even though they are both the same
> real email address. Looking at the CVS code this looks to be the same
> now also. Should we be lowercasing the email address when a new user is
> created and then lowercase values before comparing them to the
> login_name field such as confirm_login? Is there already a bug report
> for something like this? I was unable to find one at first glance in
> b.m.o. I think this has been discussed before but not sure what opinions
> came from it.

um. that's a no no. email addresses are allowed to be case sensitive.

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