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Jouni Heikniemi jth at
Sat Aug 31 09:10:02 UTC 2002

On Fri, 30 Aug 2002, J. Paul Reed wrote:

>             bbaetz. The v5 patch was never reviewed. Also, Jouni: could
>             you test on Win32?

I plan to, really soon now. Sorry it has taken so long. :-(

If somebody else has the time to test that one soonish, I'd love to hear
the results. Converting that command-line interface may have some problems
wrt passing the force* lists. While v1 of the patch worked fine,
processmail internals have had lots of changes since then (at least Myk's
unco mail pref patch rewrote major parts of the logic). I hope that won't
be a problem, though.


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