s/use diagnostics/use warnings/g ?

Bradley Baetz bbaetz at student.usyd.edu.au
Mon Aug 26 03:57:48 UTC 2002

Just to put startup timings into perspective:

File::Spec takes 0.06 s
File::Temp takes 0.17 (including File::Spec time)
Template takes 0.25 s (which includes File::Temp time)
DBI takes 0.14 s

(These are 'warm' timings; I ignored the first run when the disk file 
wasn't in cache)

You can't add these together to get total time; for example both Template 
and DBI use XSLoader, but the startup cost is only paid once.

For 'fun', I note that the 'startup' time for index.cgi (ie time taken if
I add |exit 0;| just before the connecttodatabase call) is 0.87 seconds.
The total time to run the entire script > /dev/null (including db
connection, but no user auth stuff) is 0.9 seconds

Figures for show_bug are 0.9 init vs 1.2 total on a bug with 82 2-3 line 

(These figures do include |use diagnostics;|)

Bring on mod_perl! :P


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