IMPORTANT: New Bugzilla Developer Discussion List

MattyT matty at
Thu Aug 22 03:16:15 UTC 2002

There is now a new list for Bugzilla development discussion.  This list
was created in order to have a place to discuss development issues in an
open forum separate from administrator issues.

The list is developers at  More information, including the
archive of messages received so far, can be obtained at

Development discussion can continue on existing threads in the forum
they are in, but please raise new threads about Bugzilla development
discussion on the developers list.

The webtools list/group will remain as an area for administrator and
end-user discussion, as well as for all discussion about the other
webtools.  This change should not cause developers to be less likely to
help on webtools.

The developers list is also for review requests, as these often spawn
development discussion.  The existing reviewers list will remain closed,
and likely get renamed to reflect the fact that it is private (eg for
security-bug-related discussion), and should become low traffic.

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