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MattyT matty at
Tue Aug 20 04:15:00 UTC 2002

David Miller wrote:

> Matty and I have been thinking along these lines, too.  Here's the list
> Matty sent me not too long back in IRC...
> ...
> Directory structure within the website could easily be organized along that
> line, too.

While I'm sure my proposal was along the right lines, I have always been
a little troubled about the fact that some documents appear in both

The main reason it troubled me, is that if you wanted to have a links
pane for each of these pages, the links pane should indicate which
category you're in, but that depends on where you came from.

Directory structure would be another reason this is a problem.

I'm not entirely sure what to do, but a couple of options come to mind:

- if it's in developers and administrators, just put in in
- create a third section for shared stuff
- duplicate the shared pages for each section, but with different links
- use a database backend, remove our subwebsite, generate
pages accordingly
- use some sort of HTML preprocessing system where we can generate the
pages twice, but only write the content once

None of the above make me particularly happy unfortunately, but I don't
think there is a good solution.

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