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David Miller justdave at
Tue Aug 20 00:35:02 UTC 2002

On 8/19/02 2:33 PM -0700, J. Paul Reed wrote:

> Bugzilla DB API is, incidentally, one of the first things I looked at when
> I got involved with BZ and said to myself "Geez... why didn't they just use
> the Perl DBI straight up."

I'd never seen DBI before when I started working with Bugzilla.  I thought
SendSQL() was how you did it.  Then when I started doing DBI stuff it was a
learning curve.  Now I like DBI better because you can use ? placeholders
for the data in your query and let DBI worry about escaping all your
variables for you instead of having to remember to SqlQuote everything or

> I'm sure I'm not the only one who's asks that.
> Out of curiosity, what *was* the reason?

I think it was because Bugzilla was ported from Tcl, and Tcl didn't have DBI.
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