Webtools:: vs Bugzilla:: packages

Bradley Baetz bbaetz at student.usyd.edu.au
Mon Aug 19 06:18:43 UTC 2002

See bug 163291. In his review (on IRC), mattyt said that he thought that 
since this particular package wasn't bugzilla specific, it should go 
somewhere more generic.

My feeling is that while this is great in theory, in practice there'll
just be that one package with really generic functions (and perhaps one
more) which isn't bz specific - the others will be bugzilla-only.

Further, the chances that Bonsai will ever end up using any sort of
generic stuff we do is really really remote, not to mention that if it
ever does we'd have to keep backwards compatability in there somewhere to 
avoid breaking it.

IOW, its a great idea in theiry, but in practice theres no point.

I think that we can revisit this if, at some point in the future, someone
feels like maintainting bonsai.


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