"rename integrity" on the activity table?

Bradley Baetz bbaetz at student.usyd.edu.au
Sun Aug 18 02:27:15 UTC 2002

On Sat, 17 Aug 2002, David Miller wrote:

> OK, an interesting point was brought up in the group changes stuff...
> What are we doing with existing groupset entries in the bugs_activity table?

Leaving them

> I'd assume we convert them over so they look like the current format.  But
> do they keep names or IDs?


> And if you keep IDs (which would make stats easy) then what happens if you
> delete a group and the ID gets reused later?

Right - we need to keep the groupset stuff in there for exactly that 

> This of course lends itself to products and components and so forth as well
> (names versus IDs)
> And if you rename something do all the activity entries for it get renamed
> or do we make an entry in the activity table for each affected object
> showing the rename taking place?

We leave it as is. We really have to do that, else we have to start 
parsing cc chang entries for email addresses, and so on.

If we change the activities table, then that means that mail will end up 
being sent, which is relaly not what we want. (Well, it might be, but 
thats a spoearate issue)

> There was more to it than this but I thought I'd get the discussion going
> at least.


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