[ANN] Bugzilla.org mailing lists are moving

David Miller justdave at bugzilla.org
Tue Mar 30 03:35:52 UTC 2021

Hello to those of you keeping tabs on the Bugzilla project!

There hasn't been much traffic to this list lately, so you must be 
wondering what's up with Bugzilla these days.

We've been hard at work on finishing up Bugzilla 6 for a while now. All 
of the developers are volunteers, and don't have a lot of time to spend 
on it, however, so it's been slow going, but we're almost there.  We're 
wrapping up the last few hurdles to being able to upgrade to it from 
older versions of Bugzilla, now.  I can't promise how soon, because 
we're volunteers and can't promise when we'll have free time, but we can 
see the finish line now, which feels good. :-)  I'm hoping we can get a 
developer preview out as soon as we can sign off that upgrading works.

But the *real* reason for this email is that I'm about to move this 
mailing list from our old mailing list manager software (Majordomo2) to 
our new list manager software (Mailman).  The list will still be hosted 
on the same server, and the email address is uses isn't changing, but 
the web addresses you use to interact your your list settings will 
change, and the headers in the email will change as well, likely 
breaking any filtering you're doing if you're trying to sort these 
messages to a folder in your email.

This message should be the last message mailed to the list using 
Majordomo2.  Next (probably about 24 hours later, to give it a chance 
to process bounces from this mailing first), you should get a welcome 
message from Mailman providing you with the links for how to get to your 
settings, and your personal password for logging into the settings 
page.  Then I will send another message to the list via Mailman so that 
you will have an example message to fix your filtering from if you need to.

Thanks for using Bugzilla, and sorry for the mess!

Dave Miller
Project Lead, Bugzilla
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