Security advisory for Bugzilla 5.0.1, 4.4.10, and 4.2.15

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Wed Dec 23 03:05:25 UTC 2015

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Bugzilla is a Web-based bug-tracking system used by a large number of
software projects. The following security issues have been discovered
in Bugzilla:

* Unfiltered HTML injected into a dependency graph could be used to
  create a cross-site scripting attack.

* Some web browsers incorrectly parse CSV files as valid JavaScript
  code which could lead to data leak.

All affected installations are encouraged to upgrade as soon as

Vulnerability Details

Class:       Cross-Site Scripting
Versions:    Bugzilla 2.6 to 4.2.15, 4.3.1 to 4.4.10, 4.5.1 to 5.0.1
Fixed In:    4.2.16, 4.4.11, 5.0.2
Description: During the generation of a dependency graph, the code for
             the HTML image map is generated locally if a local dot
             installation is used. With escaped HTML characters in a bug
             summary, it is possible to inject unfiltered HTML code in
             the map file which the CreateImagemap function generates.
             This could be used for a cross-site scripting attack.
CVE Number:  CVE-2015-8508

Class:       Information Leak
Versions:    Bugzilla 2.17.1 to 4.2.15, 4.3.1 to 4.4.10, 4.5.1 to 5.0.1
Fixed In:    4.2.16, 4.4.11, 5.0.2
Description: If an external HTML page contains a <script> element with
             its src attribute pointing to a buglist in CSV format, some
             web browsers incorrectly try to parse the CSV file as valid
             JavaScript code. As the buglist is generated based on the
             privileges of the user logged into Bugzilla, the external
             page could collect confidential data contained in the CSV
CVE Number:  CVE-2015-8509

Vulnerability Solutions

The fixes for these issues are included in the 4.2.16, 4.4.11 and 5.0.2
releases. Upgrading to a release with the relevant fixes will
protect your installation from possible exploits of these issues.

If you are unable to upgrade but would like to patch just the security
vulnerabilities, there are patches available for the issues at the
"References" URL for each vulnerability.

Full release downloads, patches to upgrade Bugzilla from previous
versions, and git upgrade instructions are available at:


The Bugzilla team wish to thank the following people for their
assistance in locating, advising us of, and assisting us to fix these

Issue 1 reported by: Holger Fuhrmannek
Issue 2 reported by: Mario Gomes

Fixed by: Frédéric Buclin, Dylan William Hardison,
          David Lawrence, Gervase Markham

General information about the Bugzilla bug-tracking system can be found

Comments and follow-ups can be directed to the
newsgroup or the support-bugzilla mailing list. has directions for accessing these

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