Removal of several Bugzilla configuration parameters just around the corner

David Miller justdave at
Wed Oct 17 23:37:24 UTC 2007

We are going to remove many configuration parameters in a future
Bugzilla release in order to clear up some clutter in the administration
screens. Maybe in Bugzilla 3.2, but more likely in Bugzilla 3.4/4.0.

In many cases, these configuration options are for features that very
few people use, and would be insanely easy to customize or move to
plugins for the few people who do use them (and we can probably document
how to do it), and in other cases are items that are possible to
automatically configure based on information available already on modern

You can see the list of parameters we are going to remove here:


If for any reason you think removing a given parameter is definitely a
bad idea, *and* you have a real use case, please comment in the bug
directly (unless you have no user account on, but
you could easily create one).  There is also a thread on the
support-bugzilla mailing list with the title "Removal of several
parameters just around the corner" which you could reply to if you
can't/won't set up a b.m.o account.  Details for how to access the
support-bugzilla list are at <>

Thanks for your support of the Bugzilla project as we endeavor to keep
making Bugzilla easier to use!

Frédéric Buclin, QA Lead
Dave Miller, Project Leader

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